Saturday, April 9, 2011

Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense in Action

With the deployment of Iron Dome, Israel's short range missile defense system, residents of Israeli cities within range of rockets fired by Gaza's Palestinian terrorist factions are now at the front line of an aerial war unlike any in human history.

Forward to the video (rough translation from Russian): The roar of rocket engines is booming. I run out to the balcony, knowing that since yesterday, Iron Dome successfully intercepted a Palestinian rocket, and this also happened before my eyes. Engine roar. A white contrail bisects the sky. A fireball in a black shell of smoke. The powerful sound of a detonation. It's unfortunate I wasn't able to catch it on video. And today, April 8th, 2011, at 5:44pm by Israeli time, a volley or rockets was fired on Ashkelon.
It takes several seconds for the sound of the detonation at intercept to reach the camera, but if you look closely you can see faint fireballs at the bottom of the screen. The last thing one of the women says before the video cuts off is, "And now ours will fly..." to go bomb the Palestinian terrorist launch teams.

At some $50,000/missile, Iron Dome is designed to intercept only those Palestinian rockets whose parabolic trajectory puts civilians in danger. Put another way, every time an Iron Dome interceptor launches, it is with the intention of preventing the attempted murder of innocent human beings, with aborting the culmination of a war crime. American tax money pays for the system and interceptors. The Europeans and the United Nations, who would be first to condemn a substantive Israeli military campaign to degrade the capabilities of Palestinian terror factions, while lavishly funding Palestinian Authority institutions and infrastructure projects, haven't contributed a dime to protect Israeli citizens. They should be shamed into doing so, subtracting equal funds from Palestinian appropriations for every Iron Dome interceptor that's launched.

Here's another video, of a single interception of a Palestinian rocket by Iron Dome:

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