Monday, April 18, 2011

Chag Sameach Pesach!


I'm going to be spending my Pesach schlepping to and fro, putting on a seder for a community of elderly Russian Jews, then for some friends, and finally, with all the stringencies of Chabad minhag, for myself. It's my fifth year putting on a seder for the Russian Jews; the key is to take away their vodka early and to keep moving. Totally winging the friends seder; should have prepared some jokes or chassidic anecdotes... oh well.

Much wine will be spilled tonight in commemorating the physical liberation of our people from slavery. Lesser known is our spiritual liberation from the mentality of exile - an exile epitomized by Egypt, but born of the numbing prison which is this world to our spirit. This is all the more important today, when the prospect of physical bondage is remote, yet our spiritual servitude to wordly affairs grows unabated. Chassidus likens the state of our G-dly souls, the immense anguish and suffering borne by the spiritual within the material, to that of a man trapped in a heavy burlap sack, struggling to free himself from within its dark and stale confines.

This Pesach, the "Time of Our Liberation", may we achieve true freedom; to abandon the exile of our minds, the physical limitations of our lives, to be and live as Jews, absent doubt in our purpose, free of shame in our actions, serving our Creator with love and fear, awe and joy.

Next Year in Jerusalem!

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