Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Quick Thoughts on Palileaks

So far, I see five main lessons in Palileaks:

1) There are no Jewish traitors. Israeli negotiators - yes, even Olmert and Livni, misguided in some respects as they may be - are tough SOBs that understand the issues, drive hard for Jewish interests and have the strength to reject unacceptable Palestinian and American demands which infringe on Jewish security and sovereignty.

2) When the Israeli government stands firm, such as by making Maale Adumim a non-negotiable part of Israel, or rejecting any restrictions on building in Jerusalem, the Americans accept this, and expect the Palestinians to accept it also.

3) Anyone who cares about the future of Jewish communities in Shomron and Yehudah more distant from the Green Line, numbering some 100,000 Jews, needs to make themselves heard. The decision to destroy these communities in the context of a two state solution is being made by Israeli negotiators, not Palestinian ones. A two state solution may be inevitable, but the destruction of these communities is neither inevitable, nor necessary, and the relevant decision makers are, so to speak, in our hands. Of course, my readers have known this for nearly a year now.

4) Transferring sovereignty over Israeli-Arab communities hugging the Green Line, from Israel to a Palestinian state, long thought to be a diabolical ethnic cleansing project of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, in fact has support across the right-left Israeli political spectrum.

5) The Palestinian Authority has squandered two decades in not preparing its people, Palestinians in the diaspora or the wider Arab "street" for fundamental strategic concessions to Israel on Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, refugees, a demilitarized state, and so on - matters that harass the root of Palestinian, as well as Arab and Muslim identity.

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