Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Monkey Hangers

We've all by now heard of the despicable Zionist crimes in recruiting and brainwashing helpless animals to sabotage Egyptian tourism and spy on Saudi Arabia's vital sand dunes. Naturally, the usual Hasbara Machine kicked into overdrive and covered up these acts of espionage and cruelty in the Zionist-controlled world media, as we knew they would. Slowly but surely the truth is coming out and more and more people are opening their eyes to the Khazar plan for global domination. We cannot predict what fearsome creature the Mossad will employ in the future against our peace, justice and freedom-loving peoples, but we can remain ever vigilant.

However, while there is simply no limit to our shock at Zionist perfidy, the ruse of employing animals to wage subversive war is not unique in history.
During the Napoleonic Wars [early 1800s] a French ship was wrecked off the Hartlepool coast. [There] was a fear of a French invasion of Britain and much public concern about the possibility of French infiltrators and spies.

The fishermen of Hartlepool fearing an invasion kept a close watch on the French vessel as it struggled against the storm but when the vessel was severely battered and sunk they turned their attention to the wreckage washed ashore. Among the wreckage lay one wet and sorrowful looking survivor, the ship's pet monkey dressed to amuse in a military style uniform.

The fishermen apparently questioned the monkey and held a beach-based trial. Unfamiliar with what a Frenchman looked like they came to the conclusion that this monkey was a French spy and should be sentenced to death. The unfortunate creature was to die by hanging, with the mast of a fishing boat (a coble) providing a convenient gallows.

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