Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Just Had to Be There...

Let's. Get. DANEgerous! This cartoon was the first show on American television that I could actually understand, some months after we emigrated to the US in `91-92. My parents, at least in my recollection, were perpetually annoyed with my considerable cartoon consumption. As my father would dictate to me, over and over again, as was and remains his style, a young boy needs a constructive hobby. Paradoxically, for reasons which remain unknown to me, astronomy was always the first on his list of approved hobbies. To this day, I cannot think of a less constructive activity than amateur astronomy. In my defense, I would insist that watching cartoons was critical, simply critical, to my rapid acquisition of the English language. Indeed, upon closer recollection, I learned many important words from watching Darkwing Duck; words which fundamentally affected the course of my life, such as "villain", and "villains" and "villainous", though perhaps not in that order.

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