Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Resistance

Uzi Landau:
According to Landau, the conditions for the deal are far different than those being portrayed in the Israeli media, which is telling Israelis that in exchange for a “small” Israeli gesture of an additional three month freeze, Jerusalem will receive a bundle of benefits, including additional advanced F-35 fighter jets, and an American guarantee to veto any anti-Israel proposals at the United Nations and other world bodies – and to similarly smash any attempt by the Palestinian Authority to seek U.N. approval for a declaration of independence for an Arab state in Judea and Samaria. [...]

"All the American promises share a similar characteristic – they lack specifics, and are not carried out if they are found to be damaging to American interests.” That was the case with the 2003 letter Bush presented Sharon, ostensibly recognizing Israel's right to retain the “settlement blocs” in the event of a deal with the PA; in the end, that American promise has been rescinded by President Barack Obama because he has decided it is in American interests to do so.

“Here too, with the Obama promises, we must see the structure of the deal – and you see that the Americans are demanding that we come to a full agreement with the PA in order for the benefits to kick in,"Landau explained. "You only get the benefits in the event of a final-status agreement – only when everything is over.” Given the history of Israel-PA negotiations, the likelihood of that happening is “very low,” he added.

Perhaps even worse, Landau said, the understandings between Israel and the United States – which included American opposition to a unilaterally declared PA state – are apparently no longer extant, and have instead been turned into a “sword of Damocles,” to be held over the head of Israel.
Israel Harel:
The Americans, as is their wont in every field of endeavor, are determined to rack up achievements. And only Israel can supply them.

But once they have been supplied, the Palestinians will, of course, refuse to accept them. After all, they know that after every refusal of theirs, Obama will once again come down on Netanyahu like a ton of bricks. And he, one of the most defeatist politicians ever to occupy the post of Israel's prime minister, will capitulate in exchange for a mess of pottage of some kind or another. And on and on.

Obama, contrary to what New York Times columnist Tom Friedman claims, is not at all fed up with Netanyahu. Quite the opposite. He is Obama's strategic asset. Obama recognizes his unique added value - a weak Likud prime minister outflanking the left from the left - and applies incessant pressure to him, including via psychological warfare. Some of this warfare is conducted via the articles of his good friend, Friedman. To Netanyahu, unlike to most Americans these days, what is written in the New York Times is holier than Holy Writ.

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