Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Global Untermenschen

There exists a people in our world reviled by all of humanity. They are an obstacle to peace, to brotherly love, to human rights and human dignity. They are the root of war, the root of violence and despair, the very seeds of hatred and animosity in our time. To their wombs is our world hostage, to labor of their hands and the toil of their backs.

The Jewish settlers are the new global untermenschen. Everyone agrees this is so, the entire world, and everyone is really glad, jovial even, to be united against a small, marginalized community without access to media or competent political representation to defend itself. It just feels so good, doesn’t it? You can say anything you want about them and everyone will agree. Really, try it, say the most abhorrent thing you can imagine, and you will be applauded - the more vicious the charge, the louder the applause - because deep down, we all know they deserve it. Thieves, racists, butchers of children, genocidal miscreants, the lot of them and their degenerate offspring.

When their crops are destroyed, they deserve it. When they are shot on the roads, they deserve it. When their children are stabbed or stoned or murdered, they deserve it. Say it proudly, THEY DESERVE IT! We all know it’s true. They have no rights - not to property, not to livelihood, not to their very lives. If they were murdered en mass tomorrow, the killers would be celebrated heroes, venerated in festivities the world over, because the settlers deserve nothing. They don’t bleed. They don’t cry. They don’t feel. They don’t dream. They don’t hope. No punishment will suffice for these dregs of humanity, these inhumans. They deserve it, all of it, and much more. So say we all.

With one abstention.

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