Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bradley Burston is a Settlement

You heard me. Actually, he's more of an illegal outpost. Or, as some would say, a hilltop youth encampment, an illegal one, of course (is there any other kind, for Jews, that is?). In all seriousness, by his own definition, based on "the classic characteristics of a settlement":

1) He is "on disputed land." Check.

2) He causes "direct, prolonged damage to relations between Palestinians and Israelis." Check

3) He "erodes the basis of Israeli sovereignty, and bolsters allegations of Israeli arrogance." Check.

4) He "tarnishes Israel's image as a democratic state respectful of the rights of other faiths and peoples." Check.

5) He supports "a huge budget, aimed at establishing a superfluous, extrinsic, and lavish entity [a Palestinian state] in a surrounding environment of social need." Check.

Can a settlement hate a settlement? Does that make the first settlement a self-hating settlement? The answers to these questions and more, next time on: Bradley Burston runs out of writing material and stands next to a random construction site picking fights with security guards. (Just imagine if your father did that for a living.) I love this show!

Up next on Haaretz, Gideon Levy becomes a Mosque.

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