Friday, November 5, 2010

BDS Medicine

DivestThis!, the leading anti-BDS blog, has published a much needed handbook for the growing counter-divestment movement. Woot! [The new age equivalent of "Bravo!"]
This guide includes versions of a number of things that have appeared on this blog, as well as new material created to provide background, context and recommendations for anyone dealing with BDS campaigns within their communities. A number of fans have pointed out how hard the blog format is to navigate when you’re looking for information about a particular subject, or trying to find a piece you remember but can’t quite locate. Hopefully this new manual provides the most critical information that’s appeared on this site in one easily accessible place.
You can download the handbook here, and make sure you pass on word through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. DivestThis! has long been my first resource for contextualizing BDS and counter-BDS related news. Their understanding of the subject is heads and tails above most everyone else, and with a sense of humor to boot. DivestThis! is looking for assistance in printing the handbook, in case you're feeling charitable or know people who are. Were the Federation system on its game, this handbook would be funded and distributed by local Jewish Federations, Hillels and in politically-minded shuls, and with a few phone calls on our part, it just may be.

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