Sunday, September 5, 2010

Promoting Intense Debate

I've implemented a new comment system on this blog, offered by IntenseDebate. It offers improved admin controls (spam, etc.), greater comment "portability" using your Twitter, Wordpress and OpenID accounts, comment rating and easy comment tracking features.

My first new bicycle in the US was a Pacific USA Conquest that my father bought for my 11th birthday. At some $220, it represented a substantial investment in my mobility, at a time when my parents were not all that secure in their employment. I'll never forget my father's instruction to ride the bike that summer until my feet fell off, so that if anything broke off it, we could make use of the three month warranty it came with.

Below is my grandfather on my mother's side, Yefim (Chaim ben Nechama), in his early 80s, caught red handed riding that very bike in ice cold weather last winter. I was both proud and profoundly embarrassed, but not sufficiently so to prevent me from snapping a photo and yelling at him that he is asking to catch a cold.

There is no warranty "assumed or implied" with the IntenseDebate comment system, but I encourage you to "bike until your feet fall off" to put the comment system through its paces, so that if any problems arise I can fix them. With any luck, the comment system will hold up at least well as that all-steel construction, which hasn't taken so much as a dent in 16 years. For my part, I've had a busy summer, but I hope to start offering some content worth commenting about.

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