Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Computer Models Confirm G-d's Fluid Dynamics Calculations

Secular atheist? Practicing Catholic? Whatever your beliefs about the Israelite Exodus from Egypt, budge not an inch, for science has proven you right!
The account in the Book of Exodus describes how the waters of the [Sea of Reeds] parted, allowing the Israelites to flee their Egyptian pursuers. Simulations by US scientists show how the movement of wind could have opened up a land bridge at one location. This would have enabled people to walk across exposed mud flats to safety.

The researchers show that a strong east wind, blowing overnight, could have pushed water back at a bend where an ancient river is believed to have merged with a coastal lagoon. With the water pushed back into both waterways, a land bridge would have opened at the bend, enabling people to walk across exposed mud flats to safety. As soon as the wind died down, the waters would have rushed back in.

"The simulations match fairly closely with the account in Exodus," said the study's lead author Carl Drews, from the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

Video simulation. The only reason research like this is done is to pay for research that no one will ever hear of or care about. Still, I'm confounded by the notion that some wish to explain the parting of the sea through natural phenomena. What would be the point of such a venture? Is it mere fascination, obsession even, with the Biblical account? Does such research derive from a desire to affirm or disprove the recorded narrative, or the aspect of divine intervention, specifically?

After all, if it is a natural phenomenon, one could ostensibly do away with the necessity for the supernatural. On the other hand, what's the probability of such a natural event occurring simultaneously with the equally improbable mass liberation and flight of two million slaves (give or take), whose very survival was contingent on the very same fortuitous atmospherics.

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