Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Andrew Sullivan Watch

It's a dirty, dirty job, but someone has to do it. In the solid tradition of NGO Watch, CiF Watch and HuffPo Monitor, I'm announcing my blog's candidacy for "Andrew Sullivan Watch" (shortened moniker suggestions are welcome).

No, I won't change the name of this blog, nor obsess over Andrew's every obnoxious Palin twitch - there goes half my potential readership. I will, however, document and fight back when he egregiously crosses the line in unjustly defaming and vilifying the sovereign state of the Jewish people, and not incidentally, her Jewish people. It is not an everyday occurrence, yet, but I believe that amassing his work product on this subject in one place will, perhaps, help him understand the deep disappointment and increasing dismay with which his Israel-related posts are now greeted by wide swaths of his readership.

I once held Andrew Sullivan and his social commentary in high regard. To a large extent, it was his introspective writings that helped me understand the perspective of a homosexual man in a heterosexual society. His once passionate, and long since atoned for alignment with Bush's vision for combating Islamic extremism by promoting democratic freedom for all the peoples of the Middle East was downright thrilling, if nothing else than for its prose.

Fundamentally, and I believe this is a quality shared by the sites I referenced earlier, a "watchdog" site is a labor of love. It is, essentially, an appeal to a basic decency and moral fiber which the site being watched - and its author(s) - are believed to have betrayed. Inherent in this venture is the hope that all is not lost, that truth, with patience and perseverance, will find a way to pierce the shell of ignorance and prejudice which have so clouded judgment as to impair reason. It is only worth starting "watchdog" sites where such hope exists, and with Andrew, I believe it does. The time has come to help save Andrew Sullivan from himself, as it were.

You may follow "Andrew Sullivan Watch" through a new label on this blog: Andrew Sullivan Watch. I have added the label to all my prior posts critical of Sullivan's past anti-Israel remarks, including the Israeli Rape-by-Deception story, which continues.

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