Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Andrew Sullivan Defies President Obama on Settlements

Andrew Sullivan's angry crusade to "save Israel from itself" continues. His moody exhortations that final status negotiations must be predicated on a complete freeze in construction in Jewish communities of Shomron and Yehudah, and Jerusalem, have now been publicly rebuffed by his own President, whose administration now insists that negotiations continue regardless. Indeed, we have since learned - from none other than Jordan's King Abdullah - that such single-minded focus on the settlements runs counter to concluding a final status peace agreement.

Perhaps it is indicative of a general problem in Andrew's perception and motivation that when all the leaders involved in direct negotiations are saying that focusing on the settlements is corrosive to diplomacy and delays peace, he doesn’t believe them. Instead, he continues the very process which these leaders have now experientially rejected and explicitly warned against, of emboldening irreconcilable radicals and violent extremists by continuing to make the issue of settlements a liability to peace.

We are left to wonder why Andrew Sullivan, intellectually orphaned on the subject though he may be, would wish to continue undermining President Obama's urgent push towards negotiations and peace in the Middle East. Perhaps it is Andrew who needs to be saved, from himself.

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