Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why Dov Harari Was Murdered

A human being, husband, father of four, was laid to rest yesterday, because things got out of hand in the process of Arab leaders measuring the length of each others' genitals. Can you imagine a European Parliamentary debate over social welfare policy, where one speaker pulls out a gun, drags in an innocent bystander from the street, a husband and father of four, and shoots him in the head, to the applause of the other Parliamentarians? Absurd! But is that so different from what happened on the Lebanon-Israeli border?

Arabs killed an Arab politician - Rafik Hariri - demanded that his Arab executioner be brought to justice, and in the context of debating which Arab party is more guilty than the rest, then murdered an innocent Jewish bystander who was gardening nearby, to the united applause of all Arabs. Dov Harari's life was ended not for what he or his country did, but for the viciously violent neighbors he and his country have.

If Israelis, Americans, Europeans, Russians, Chinese, Turks, Indians and a hundred other nationalities can't learn that lesson, then the senseless murder of an innocent human being was truly for nothing. May Dov Harari's murderers be brought to justice, in this life and the next.

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  1. I'm getting more confused all the time - look at the latest map EoZ has up
    if Harari was so far from the action it makes it look as if it was a pre-planned execution without trial - I've come across a story that 2 Lebanese forgot whether UN or LAF fled the site by taxi
    and now the latest EoZ has up is that Mearsheimer of all people will teach a course on Zionism - I'm sorry that can't have been what free speech was supposed to guarantee.



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