Monday, August 2, 2010

Late Night Confessions of a Ranter, Writing

Not surprisingly, I tend to write about the things that interest me, among them my family's history, the Jewish people, our enduring and ever tested faith in G-d, and the national expression of our right to self-determination, defense and communal life - the State Israel.

As a minority, born in the former Soviet Union and educated in the United States, I have a deep respect for and interest in promoting widely the values which underpin American society - representative government, a free market economy and religious, cultural and political pluralism. At times, these interests coincide, in that the self-proclaimed and erstwhile enemies of the Jews tend to be those for whom the liberal tradition, in thought, culture, religion and polity, constitutes heresy. More often, however, my passions for freedom, its maximum responsible expression, and a commensurate distaste for uninvited noble schemes to interfere in the affairs of human beings, usually forced through the apathetic, blunt and often bloody apparatus of government bureaucracy, have little to do, in their grinding daily implementation, with my identity and faith and people.

Despite some evidence to the contrary, I have chosen to focus my thoughts on a purview that fate and grit have chiseled into insight, too often fledgling, fleeting and nevertheless yearning for expression. In writing, I find there are two forms of nothing - one voluminous yet vain, the other silent and still. As I confront the urge to spill a thought on everything and resist the dark, sundering pull of saying nothing, I rarely find some point of clarity - a satisfaction of language, compelling interest and justifiable necessity - to warrant laying writ to mind and heart.

Infrequently still, I even act on these rare instances of purpose, though making a habit of insight and clarity, and their coherent expression, more than the utilitarian documenting of the past and present, or the dabbling in interests, presents challenges to overcome. The fusion of passion and precision, of interest and integrity to self and truth, are ultimately why I read, and sometimes write.

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