Sunday, August 1, 2010

Biting the Jew that Fed You

When you lead a horse to water, don't be surprised when it drinks. I was watching my new Twitter account this morning, learning the ropes of this new (for me) medium, when I was informed that an Alton_Ellis, an opponent of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and a supporter of Palestinian violence and BDSD, was now following me - not physically, I hope. Oh joy! Well, in the labyrinth that is the world of Twitter, some clicks into his tweets, I came up on this site, Desert Peace, run by a Steve Amsel, currently residing in Jerusalem, Israel.

From his seemingly tireless efforts to disassociate Jews with Zionism, I was left with the impression that either Mr. Amsel is a Jew himself, or he understands how damaging Jew-hatred, pandemic in the anti-Israel community, is to the international cause celeb of Palestinian jihad. Then I read more, and learned that Steve is, in fact, a Jew - am Yisrael Chai! - that he made aliyah to Israel some two decades ago from the US, and currently resides in the beautiful French Hill community of East Jerusalem, from which Jordanian soldiers will never again direct sniper and artillery fire against Jews. That would make Steve a more extremist, or certainly a more practicing Zionist than even yours truly, as I have not yet made aliyah to claim my stake in the Land of Israel - the right of any Jew by faith and law, which is how Steve got there - and do not yet reside on land violently contested by the Arabs. Here's to hoping though!

Anyway, the reason for this silly post is a matter rather more serious. Reading through his blog, I find Steve to be a likable guy. I don't agree with him on many issues pertaining to Israel's conflict with the Arabs. Sure, in his recent scribbles on Israel's Gaza airstrikes - which killed one Palestinian, a Hamas commander - he could have mentioned that they were preceded by well-targeted Palestinian Grad rocket attacks on Ashkelon, a city of 100,000 Israeli civilians. Yet, misguided though I believe him to be, I appreciate his belief in fighting for what he sees as right and just, and maybe even Jewish. Which is why, comedic though his crusade against Zionism may be, I take no pleasure in exposing the wretched vermin among which he now crawls.

You see, in a recent attempt to walk that fine line between Jew-hatred and criticism of Israeli policies, Steve took a strong, principled stance against clear and vile anti-Semitic screed. After all, how many people would contest that the Spanish Inquisition remains a stain on human history? Having earned his lapels in the anti-Zionist community, pummeling the Jewish State day by day with brave words of "truth to power", Steve likely never anticipated the response his post precipitated from his loyal readership.

Wrong Wrong Wrong–I myself get regular emails from the rebel network. Compare that to any USA rabiid media–no differance in hatred. Obvious Ashkenazism cult members hate muslims and Gentile Americans are meedia trained to hate and want Muslims and perssians to be killed. What does it take for abused Americans to wake-up/ At least Winkler from Rebel news is a town Crier–wake-up fools.What if 9/11 attacks were all planned and done by Isreal–would the Rabiid media go after the monsters–no but rebel would and has a right to free speach–just as Fox and Washingtonpoop–to lie to lie :^/

At this point, Steve is perplexed. On the one hand, judging from his picture, he himself is an Ashkenazi Jew. On the other hand, he clearly doesn't fit the description of Ashkenazim being offered by the commentator. Nor are Jews named, by name, so to speak. Surely, then, if he were to simply dissociate himself from the Ashkenazi label, he could remain a Jew in "good standing". So far, queasy but palatable, and altogether understandable, given the confusing and prolific crimes of the all powerful Zionists. Moving on then...

Define “Jewish.” If it’s a religion that teaches that nonJews are subhuman animals, then I hate Jews. If it’s a race, then I don’t hate Jews. However, it’s not a race. The only people who think it’s a race are Nazis and Zionists. If it means Zionist, then I hate Jews. It doesn’t mean Zionist though.

If it means some vague collection of traditions and rituals that some secular person likes to continue because they think of themselves as a “secular jew,” then I would have would kinda chuckle and think “yeah right, but what do you think about Israel?”

The fact is this. Any Jewish person can wake up tomorrow and say “you know what; i’m not “jewish”; i’m a human being!” A black person cant wake up and say they are white. A blue-eyed person cant wake up and be a brown-eyed person. But *anyone* can relieve themselves of the burdens of religion and culture put upon us by history.
Oh boy. All you have to do is renounce being a Jew, and all will be swell, old chap! You have to understand, poor Steve just woke up, and already he has to parse, contort and misinterpret the commentary of his fellow pro-Palestinian activists simply to retain the sanity necessary to fry a couple of eggs without breaking down in tears. If only it would stop there, but it doesn't...
AntiNazi is spot on. Nobody should hate anybody for things that are literally beyond their control – hating the retarded, for example, or women, gay people, blacks or Chinese.
But Jewishness is a choice, and the Stone Age tribal-supremacist narrative that underlies the entire religion is reprehensible: anybody who was raised to believe that they are inherently superior to the rest of humanity by dint of their religious affiliation is obliged to slough off that vile thinking the moment they learn to think for themselves.

Otherwise we are saying that if one is raised by a child molester, it is perfectly alright to be a chld molester as an adult: not that it is a MITIGATING circumstance, but that it is EXCULPATORY. That is just plain wrong.
And as for that piece on RebelNews, I find it very hard to disagree with much of it: it’s strongly worded, and to an extent I think it’s tough on Neturei Karta and JewsAgainstZionism (both organisations whose work I have liked in the past)… but at bottom, if JAZ and NK want to retain a Jewish identity, then they are retaining an identity based on stupid Stone Age tribal racist dogma… and that should be dispensed with.

In other words, RebelNews is refusing to adopt that old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Cheerio, are we, Steve? How are those eggs coming along? Now you, a Jew, are being likened to a child molester. Are we still talking about Israel, here? Nevermind that the imbecile in question doesn't know the first thing about Jews or our faith. I suppose it would be akin to arguing with the concentration camp guard about whether Monopoly is permitted on Shabbos, even as he forces your child in the oven. The child you raped - competing the metaphor - owing to your Jewish nature, whose timely death prevented him or her from raping others, as we Jews do.

Forget the eggs, Steve; just pour yourself a glass of milk, walk out on your terraced French Hill veranda and look out over "the land of milk and honey", the magnificent vistas of golden Jerusalem before you - a beautiful and good land growing more beautiful and good - secure in the knowledge that fellow Jewish men and women will spare nothing to keep you safe from the daring freedom fighters you have nurtured. How resplendently proud must you be, and sad, how very sad.


  1. It's even worse, in fact: Desertpeace/Amsel hangs with Nazis and Holocaust deniers.

    Desertpeace eulogises one Mike Rivero (

    Mike Rivero likewise promotes Desertpeace alongside Holocaust denial;the Protocols;the anti-semite/fascists Willis Carto, Eustace Mullins, David Duke, Curt Maynard; Nazi apologia; Ernst Zundel; white nationalism, etc ad nauseum.

    Desertpeace's ethics are well illustrated by their censorship method:

    Desertpeace regularly bans commentators whom criticise the fascism surrounding Desertpeace's allies and the subsequent anti-semitic content of the comments which the blog generates...... Desertpeace never answers his critics and prefers to prevent them posting - a form of censorship.

    But here's the deal - banned comments will appear at the blog, but ONLY to the banned commentator. Nobody else will see the banned comments, and the banned commentator doesn't realise nobody else is seeing their (banned) comments. This can be tested by using proxy servers.

    Compare that reality to his treatment of 'mainstream media' and such like. Hypocrite or just mad? Desertpeace uses subterfuge to silence criticism of the anti-semitic and neo-Nazi mileu within which Desertpeace is operating and to which IT IS CONTRIBUTING.

    Desertpeace's present position seemingly (finally) making an attempt to avoid anti-semitism is obviously mere posturing when one looks at Desertpeace's history.

    Desertpeace has called Mike Rivero a hero. Mike Rivero always links to Desertpeace. They are 'tight'.

    One example of Rivero -- he helped pubicise the No More Wars [for ISrael] obvious anti-semitic charade using the Palestinian cause and pacifism as a front.

    The conference was refused consent by the hoteliers, yet Rivero never reported that the opposition to the conference was due to the fascism and neo-nazi holocaust denial espoused by the organisers, speakers and attendees. [It was advertised heavily on Stromfront, for example]

    Rivero never mentioned to his audience that the conference was organised, populated and attended by white nationalists, holocaust deniers, neo-nazis and anti-semites -- all of whom he regularly promotes. Rivero didn't have to tell his audience as presumably they knew.

    So how come Desertpeace doesn't know?

  2. And why does he censor people who try to tell him?


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