Thursday, June 3, 2010

Calm Courage

May G-d bless this kid. Nerves of steel.

(H/T Barry Meislin via Yaacov)

Note, again, the role of Muslim Arab women in the crowd. Watch who first starts running after the Jewish kid across the street. "Halas, halas," a guy says to one of the women screaming at the cops, "enough, stop".


  1. Victor
    my words - as firmly as I demand equal pay I never forget that one of my favourites says in that endless poem "Die Glocke" while he talks about war:
    "Da werden Weiber zu Hyänen und treiben mit Entsetzen Scherz"
    = women become like hyenas and joke with the help of horror/terror/being aghast

    just re-read that part and (re)found this one

    "Jedoch der schrecklichste der Schrecken,
    Das ist der Mensch in seinem Wahn"
    = the most horrible of horrors,
    is the human in his delusion

    seems like I am repeating over and over when I'm posting what I've learned from Schiller or it could be that I only like writers with such a clear take on reality.


  2. Victor
    here's just an example why Friedman's bringing Exodus into it in the way he did it has me up in arms
    I don't know what is going on between the two but you see how Exodus is connected here?
    that's why I keep saying that one has to be responsible with all iconic incidents and mentions them with care and due respect if there was suffering involved. At least in the midst of well read bloggers it will from Friedman on become more difficult to make the point that Exodus is not to be played around with.
    I know I sound like Mommie/Teacher but bear with me and believe me I'm right on this one


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