Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Would Aladdin be made today?

From the comments on Youtube:

No I feel the purpose of this video is to make arabs look as though they are victims of great injustice and that they should be treated different from other groups of people. It's just 5 minutes of whining. It's no different than the arab response to the muhammed cartoons. What he's saying is "arabs and muslims should be shielded from all satire and critique and always be portrayed as peaceful and civilized because we all are". That's not acceptable.

So, I don't know if Aladdin, an animated film I still enjoy watching, would be made today. Someone might sue the studio for defamation of an ethnic group. However, I do know what the Turks and Arabs are watching today, to high acclaim, and no lawsuits.

When the Jews complained, they ended up being forced to apologize for causing a diplomatic incident. Aladdin, that's the problem? Really?

A whole new world. Outrageous. Where are the Koranic verses inciting vicious violence against civilians, the clitorectomies, the king's torture chambers for political dissidents? Had Aladdin been made true to "Arab" life, Jasmine would have been honor killed by her father and unceremoniously buried in the back yard without a headstone. Outrageous indeed! When the Arabs make Aladdin-style movies about Jews, we'll talk about Arab stereotypes in Hollywood.

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