Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Modern Assault on Pluralism

The context really doesn't matter to me, as it shouldn't matter to any free-thinking individual that values a pluralistic society, so I won't write about it. Two people were arrested. Perhaps this is my Soviet upbringing getting the better of me, but I think they arrested the wrong people. When you're surrounded by a mob screaming "Allakhu Akhbar" at the top of their lungs, pumping their fists in the air and displaying body language indicating they're going to rush you, kill you and mutilate your remains - it's an experience I think we all should have, at least once - focusing on the individuals actually engaging in violence is, well, insufficient.

See, in Russia, they would understand that it's not the two or three idiots throwing punches at the cops who are the real problem, but that woman shrieking "Allakhu Akhbar" in the back, goading the Muslim men into a religious frenzy by challenging their commitment to defend their faith and their prophet. So, in Russia, yes, they would have "beat the stupid" out of the two or three guys who actually attacked police officers - would they try such a thing in an Arab country? - but they also would have cracked a baton against that woman's skull, you know, by accident, until she stopped shrieking and calmed down. People don't play games when they know there are immediate and painful consequences for their actions. But that's Russia, and we're in civilized western societies, where instead of offenders fearing police, it's the police running away!

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that incidents of violence by radical Muslims directed against people they don't agree with have been rising of late, and are relentlessly penetrating the media's cowardly blackout. An Israeli Ambassador was attacked in broad daylight in Britain. A Jewish student was punched in the head during a celebration of Israel's 62nd birthday, his assailant arrested in my hometown of Milwaukee. Attacks on French Jews, and even Jewish looking people in France have become commonplace. Individually, these are mere unconnected incidents. Yet, taken globally, with attacks increasing around the world, avoiding obvious conclusions - that these are no statistical anomalies, but the products of a culture that will not tolerate dissent - is proving more difficult.

What's more, it's becoming clear that Islamist and Arabist radicals are bolstered by each act; indeed, their violence serves to monopolize and radicalize the conversation within their own communities. Their sense of impunity grows with each attempt by authorities to calm the situation and dismiss the violence as simple hooliganism. Such weakness is seen for what it is, an almost tacit approval, for if a government with a monopoly on force truly wished to burnish its will, goes the reasoning, it would do so. Hooliganism - a preoccupation of intemperate youth - as we're increasingly learning, this is not. Nor is the growing violence propagated by uneducated people who have a problem articulating themselves in English, or who are merely concerned by the wrongs or excesses of Israeli policies.

Any questions?


  1. I was most shocked in the Vilks-video by the father who yelled repeatedly Allahu Akbar BEFORE finally bending down to pick up his very small child
    he can be seen in the right upper hand corner
    and to add to your incidents there was Daniel Ayalon at the LSE heckled incessantly until the moderator said to the hecklers that he felt with them but for the time being they had to quiet down i.e. the LSE-official sympathized with the grossly misbehaving and last but not least on my list there was Michael Oren at a US-uni heckled down so systematically and well-planned that the lecture couldn't get through.
    there is no amount of appeasement that will make these people remember their manners - maybe really really stiff fines would ?
    or allowing the police to take care of them in less de-escalating style but then you would need a lot more really physically well-trained police - the baton hopefully not being part of their outfits.

  2. I saw that also, Silke. Disturbing.

    Focusing on the perpetrators is a treatment, not a cure. The people in charge must hang the growing violence as a noose around the neck of the leadership of the local Muslim Arab community, and force them to sort it out. Believe me, the minute they feel their status is threatened, they will find all the tools they need to deal with all of these troublemakers.

    They should be made to take responsibility for every act of wrongdoing originating in their community. This is the only way that I've found deal with it, and I have some experience in the matter. Maybe I'll write about it sometime.

  3. Come now Victor, we all know that this anger and range can be directly attributed to the 1600 apartments approved for Ramat Shlomo. To claim otherwise is simply racist, Zionist propaganda.

  4. Victor:
    This is one of your more important posts. Well done (though I don't advocate casual head cracking).

  5. Us Jews should realize this is mainstream thought. And the Muslims are gaining traction in the US political system, which is their prerogative.

    We should move home before we are forced to.


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