Monday, May 17, 2010

Jumanah Imad Albahri

Remember Jumanah Imad Albahri, the UCSD student who, while debating David Horowitz, supported genocide against the Jewish people? It's hard to forget such a clear, unambiguous display of hatred, now seen by some 340,000 people and counting. Here's the memorable recap of the verbal exchange:
Horowitz: I am a Jew. The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?

Jumanah Imad Albahri: For it.
Enough said. Or is it? After such a performance, a normal person (you know, the kind that doesn't support genocide) would either issue a heart-wrenching apology and crawl into intellectual rehab, or change their name to Betsy Clark and join a burlesque group in Vegas.

Jumanah Imad Albahri, however, is not a normal person. Sure, she is special, but not in the way we all suspect. Today, she released an extensive statement on her Orwellian-named blog, "For Truth For Justice", where she made a superhuman effort to dig her genocide-supporting hole deeper, and to keep this story alive longer. She is a victim, you see, just a stupid little girl victimized by the sinister tricks of a professional public debater. The determined tone she used in support of mass murder was actually in reference to a question from two minutes earlier in the exchange. She doesn't hate Jews, not at all, she abhors all violence! How could she be anti-Semitic when she herself is a Semite?! As we can clearly see, such a thing is technically impossible, no matter how much anti-Semitic genocide one preaches. Perhaps most importantly, we should just drop calling Jumanah names, because she's getting pretty upset about it.

What we need to understand is that she got angry, and where she comes from, when people get angry, Jews die. Look, it's not her fault; she's a human being like the rest of us. She can't be expected to stay in control of her feelings at a moment when the option of murdering Jews - in this case, a lot of Jews, "the motherload", as it were - is on the table.

Reading through this rationalization of a call to genocide, I am struck not by what's present, but by what isn't. In particular, three words do not appear to be part of Jumanah Imad Albahri's vocabulary - "sorry", "mistake", "apologize". I get it, people say stupid things all the time. Emotions flare, tempers rage, genocidal fantasies simmer just below the surface of a seemingly privileged, educated American woman. That's life.

I don't expect Jumanah to love Jews. Really, I don't even expect her to want to live in peace with Jews. I have low expectations, I admit. What I do expect, is for her to rub two brain cells together and understand that she is no longer in Ramallah or Zarqa. Espousing a second Holocaust is not acceptable here in America.

I'm going to be following this special treasure (her name means "pearl" in Arabic), who is simply tripping over herself to become a symbol of genocidal Islamist fanaticism in America - that sounds unfair, until I watch her on video, again and again, and realize it's not. I pity her poor family, whose name and honor she is single-handedly dragging through the mud.

Update: Two groups have now launched on Facebook. One to expel Jumanah from UCSD. One to not expel Jumanah from UCSD. The groups have attracted around three hundred members each at time of writing.

Update: A petition drive has launched to demand that UC Chancellors condemn Jumanah's genocidal hate speech at UCSD.

Update: The University of San Diego has issued a press release on the matter. Interestingly, they seem to have another version of Jumanah's statement than what she posted on her blog. The new statement reads the following (an excerpt, as I don't have a source for this alternate statement):
“Let me be clear that I condemn genocide, racism, terrorism, and violence in any form, and firmly believe that such things run counter to my faith as a Muslim. I also condemn Mr. Horowitz’s exploitation of my well-intentioned question, and his exploitation of this situation as a whole. I did not hear Mr. Horowitz’s question, specifically his references to genocide. Had I understood the nature of the question, I would never have responded the way that I did by providing an answer that misrepresented my beliefs. I would like to apologize for the remarks I inadvertently made at the forum. It was never my intent to offend anyone.”
Laudable as it is for Jumanah to now apologize, sort of, this new statement being waved around by UCSD only raises more questions. First, why hasn't her entire new statement been made available? Second, is Jumanah deaf? Looking at that video again, she seems quite in control of her faculties, given that two second pause as she relishes the moment before answering in favor of genocide. Third, why did it take Jumanah an entire week to clarify her remarks, instead of apologizing to David Horowitz then and there or the day after? Certainly, watching the audience at the event, no one else seems to have had any questions about what transpired. Finally, why does Jumanah's official blog list a far more unrepentant statement than what she provided to the University Administration, and is UCSD Administration familiar with this statement?

Update: The question Jumanah says she DID answer "For it", was with regards to whether she supports Hamas. In that case, perhaps she should explain how the Hamas Charter, which relies on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and advocates the apocalyptic, global extermination of Jews conforms with her "faith as a Muslim". For it or against it, Jumanah?

Update: The Facebook group urging that UCSD expel Jumanah has been deleted by Facebook.


  1. Victor

    Her family's honor is not at stake. Our survival is. 'Pearl' has had years of education from her family. It isn't something she picked up in Poli Sci 101.


  2. Don't be shortsighted. If there is a choice of what should be at stake, our survival or her family honor, I'd prefer her family honor. Palestinians are consummate conformers to public opinion, and she's a troublemaker who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. Drawing her family into this won't end well for her, but she should have thought about that before she hid behind them in her statement.

    As for our survival, Jumanah has about as much to do with it as the ant you unwittingly stepped on last week.


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