Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Peacefully and Pleasantly"

26 Adar II, 5749 · April 2, 1989
The Mayor of Ariel, Israel visits the Rebbe: “Tell the people in Israel to publicize everywhere that all the rumors that Israel will give back land have no basis in reality. These rumors are the cause of intifada, for they give the message that there is something to gain through violence. Israel will remain whole, and Moshiach will soon add the rest of its lands, peacefully and pleasantly without any battles.”

A point the Rebbe stressed, again and again, was that holding on to the entire Land of Israel would only enhance the security of all its residents, Jews and non-Jews, and that the settlement of the land should be accomplished in a peaceful way, without incitement or arrogance. No announcements. No grand speeches or gloating. Just shut up and build.

That's my preferred terminology, not the Rebbe's: just shut up and build.

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