Monday, April 26, 2010

A Global Event

This morning I awoke to find out that a major event has occurred somewhere on our planet. Surely you must heard about it by now. In a basic Google News search, at time of writing, no less than 407 news stories have appeared on this late-breaking item. Scanning the originating countries and languages where the story broke, I see Australia, France, a French publication from Africa, Lithuania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Brazil or Portugal, I can't tell, the United States, of course, and most European countries (Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany), China or Japan (I can't tell the characters apart), even South Korea, and I'm not counting multiple publications in each country, nor is this an exhaustive list by any means.

What event could so singularly focus the attention of the world's media? A terrible catastrophe? A brilliant feat of human engineering? Don't be silly. Four hundred and seven news items have been published to train the eyes of the world on the attempted arrest and killing, when he did not surrender, of a Hamas commander by Israeli Defense Forces.

Now, is this intensive coverage driven by a desire to see justice done on behalf of the victims of a murderer and attempted murderer, many times over? Inspiring, but incredulous. Is it a function of Israel being host to more news agencies, per capita, than perhaps any other region on the planet, rivaling even the capitol of the sole global superpower? If you think I'm going to waste half an hour busting my butt to find that information at 6:59am, you're delusional. All I know, is that there is something very wrong in a world that cares about this event, because it isn't important.

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