Monday, March 29, 2010


I can rant with the best of them.
This muqawama propaganda is getting old and smelly, like three day old shwarma in the summer. You have no understanding of the reality of Israel or Israeli life.

The Palestinians fought a war with the Jews in ‘48, and they lost. They fought many wars, the recent just a year ago, and they keep losing them. You think we Jews are going to be ashamed of rebuilding our country after 2000 years of exile, or of defending our people from aggression? You’re out of your mind.

Israeli Arabs are full citizens in the State of Israel. Not only do they have access to full benefits, like any Jew, but they don’t even have to do national service – army or volunteering – like every Jew does! That’s two or three years of the life of every Jew in Israel that is devoted to the security and improvement of the State, and every Arab can choose not to do it.

There have been Arabs in Likud and Arabs in Kadima and Arabs in Meretz! You have no idea what you’re talking about. There are what, 10 or 13 Arabs in the Knesset. This is a Syrian blog. In Syria, bloggers who write against Assad are dragged out of their beds and thrown in jails or murdered. In Israel the Arab MPs say the worst things about the State. Of course we don’t agree with it, but the entire society respects their right to say it. Jewish soldiers die so that Israeli Arabs can have the freedom to say anything they want. And why should normal Israeli parties join in alliance with crazy radicals who preach the destruction of the state? They are like dinosaurs that no one listens to. Young Israeli Arabs reject their hatred. A new generation of Arabs is growing up in Israel that is tired of killing Jews and trying to destroy the country. They just want normal lives, to be part of the State, and they will get it, because that’s the kind of place Israel is – a country that is responsible to its citizens.

Yes there is discrimination against Israeli Arabs, and there is also discrimination against Russian Jews and Ethiopian Jews and so on. Israel was founded by over 100 cultures, coming together in refugee camps, working from nothing to create the miracle that is the State today. Everyone is working to decrease discrimination, to increase opportunities for Arabs and Haredi Jews and other disadvantaged groups.

Arabs in annexed Jerusalem were given a choice of Israeli citizenship or permanent residency status. With small exceptions, most chose permanent residency. They can vote in local municipal elections but not in national. Still, any Arab in Jerusalem with permanent residency can become an Israeli citizen. All they have to do is fill out the paperwork. For 20 years now, very few want to do this, and it’s their choice. They have access to all services, just like citizens – only they can’t vote in national elections. Their permanent residency permits CAN NOT be revoked, unless they leave Israel for over 5 or 10 years, I forget which one. And even then they can fight in court to get their residency back. This is like in any other country. If I get permanent residency in the USA and leave for 10 years, I won’t have residency anymore.

Palestinians in Yesha suffering Apartheid? Are you insane?! They are living like kings! They have a higher standard of living than any other Arabs anywhere in the Middle East. I’ve “been there myself” and seen it myself also. Palestinians near Ramallah are building huge villas. There is no such thing as “Jew-only” roads. There are Israeli only roads that were built to go around villages, because when Israeli cars used to drive through Arab villages in the second intifada they were shot. The roads were built to decrease friction and violence, and they work, just like the security barrier. Since the security barrier went up in 2006, there has not been a single homicide bombing, thank G-d. When there is no terrorism Israel relaxes the security.

The West Bank economy grew 7% last year, more than any Arab country. All Jews ask from them is to not kill Jews. Is this so difficult? Just stop the violence, stop the killing, and you can have everything. The Jews should accept aggression and murder of their people?

The basic fact is that the Jews of Israel worry more about the welfare of their fellow Arab citizens than any Arab dictator worries about his own people. The Egyptians are rioting because they don’t have bread! When did Israeli Arabs riot because there wasn’t bread? The Syrians send terrorists all over the region – Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan. The Lebanese are in civil war for 40 years. The Saudis are raping little girls, killing anyone who doesn’t agree with their fundamentalism and spending billions of dollars spreading hatred and extremism. And you want to talk about Israel?! Who gave you the right to even open your mouth on this subject?!

And the very idea of foreign Jews establishing a homeland in Palestine, somebody else’s country, is of course a racist idea.

Israel IS and always WAS our homeland. Check your Quran. We don’t need anyone’s permission to rebuild our country, and certainly not from people trying to kill us. You have 22 Arab countries and that’s not enough? What have you done with these 22 Arab countries? What have you built? What is the great Arab invention over the last 100 years? Seven million Jews created a country that sends rockets to space, that has astronauts. Who was the last Arab astronaut? How many rockets did Egypt, with 70 million people send to space? What do you have to be proud of? Al Qaeda? Wake up! Your hatred for the Jews is eating away at your souls.

You talk about Israel? In the first 50 years of Israel’s existence, it took in millions of poor Jewish refugees from all over the world (including Arab countries), built a modern, democratic state and defended itself from invasion by “great” Arab powers like Egypt and Syria. And after all this, the Israelis are turning to themselves and saying, what can we do to help the Palestinians. How can we integrate Israeli Arabs better into the State? How can we work with other countries in the region to improve access to drinking water, to quality medicine, to increase economic cooperation.

What have you Arabs done in this time? Killed one another? Gave permits for Europeans and Americans to pump your oil? Created a few fat billionaires that are living in Europe? Look what the Arabs have done with Palestinians who found themselves in your countries! Jordan killed 20,000. Syria killed 40,000. Kuwait and UAE made them into slaves and kicked them all out when they supported Saddam. The Arabs prevent Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria from owning land, even from leaving the refugee camps! You treat your own “brothers” like dogs, and you talk about Israeli Arabs, who have the highest standard of living for any Arabs anywhere in the Middle East?!

7,000,000 Jews are living in the middle of 350,000,000 Arabs. Look what the Jews have created, a paradise, a democracy, a high tech economy that everyone wants to copy. This was during 70 years of Arab boycott and war against the Jewish State. And what have the Arabs created in their hatred and jealousy? 9/11 is your big victory?! If not for Osama Bin Laden then no one in the West would know that Arabs existed!

If you had two brain cells you would set aside your hatred and try to learn from the Jews, to understand how they created the most egalitarian society in the region while being mercilessly attacked again and again by your “brave” Arab martyrs.

But no, you can’t even do that. You keep repeating the same old propaganda. There are 22 Arab Muslim states on tens of millions of kilometers of land, but 1 Jewish state, in a tiny piece of land is too much, it’s unbearable, it’s a cancer in the Arab body, it’s the end of the world! Maybe the cancer is not the Jews. Maybe the cancer is inside your mind and inside your heart.


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  3. Perfect!
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