Sunday, March 21, 2010

The One Israel Fund: Introduction

I'm short on time, so my detailed comments will have to wait. However, I'd like to get your impressions sooner rather than later. Most of you watching this video are not familiar with the work of the One Israel Fund, and that's precisely what this video tries to address. Don't spare criticism, preferably of the constructive variety.

Building Bridges - Bridging Gaps: One Israel Fund from BiG Productions on Vimeo.


  1. Your title mentions the New Israel Fund, which is connected to numerous Israeli and Palestinian "civil rights" NGOs, but this video is about the One Israel Fund. Just a heads up about the title.

    As for the video, it was propaganda and it totally worked on me. I thought that the inclusion of that one woman who accused the Israeli government of anti-Semitism for a settlement freeze was a bit much, even if she does have a valid point.

  2. Grr!! I was just reading something on the NIF and it filtered through :) So many funds. Yes, this is for the ONE ISRAEL FUND, not the New Israel Fund.

    Yeah, "anti-semitism" is getting passe.
    First third was pretty good, through, right?

    Thanks Bryan.

  3. I am too old to get into quickly cutting from one thing to the next stuff. I makes my head spin uncomfortably.

    but by concentrating hard for a couple of minutes I felt that the video is aiming at the knowledgable/convinced. Maybe that's the best that can be done i.e. garner the highest support but I wish I knew of more stuff that woes/seduces us bewildered ones at the fringe.
    I for one am convinced that this fringe is to be found in "normal" i.e. non-academic people those who have knee-jerk reactions against stone and molotov cocktails throwing youths because the theories that tell otherwise are beyond them.



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