Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lolcats is a cult for photophilic cat-owners. Here's a hyperactive sister-site.
Membership is open to all furious felines. It can get obsessive.

Caption contest, anyone?


  1. for a long time I have been the "cat mother" of my village i.e. every cat and kitten who was ailing was dumped on me
    - that said I object to that picture because that kitten is scared it is not amusing itself - it is no fun seeing a wholly depended being presented to be laughed at while it is frightened.

    Silke (full of righteous indignation ;) and ardour to teach the uninitiated to interpret the signals correctly ...

  2. "Get those paws up! I know you're building new settlements!"

    "What?! I was just licking myself! Help, anti-Feline'ism!"


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