Monday, March 29, 2010

Chag Sameach Pesach!

Next year in Jerusalem!

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  1. hi Victor
    I think this is something you don't want to miss
    - Tariq Ramadan's arguments are as full of all kinds of loopholes as ever even though he seems to have polished and sharpened his take quite a bit but the fact that the whole discussion equated Orthodox Jews and Islamists or Literalists as Ramadan's new? coinage for them is made me want to share it with you.
    After all to the best of my knowledge to date no Orthodox Jews have blown themselves up in trains and the likes with the only goal of killing a maximum number of randomly selected people. And a former? Orthodox Jewish woman turning her struggle with her parents into a general argument doesn't really convince me either. She should fight it out with them first and she doesn't sound like she has.
    I don't buy the it-is-only-a-small-minority argument because there is also an argument out there claiming that if you get a small number of multipliers (for example locally admired ones) you can start a hype, creating an avalanche spreading from one town to the next


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