Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BiG Productions

I'm starting to like these guys. This video was created for the One Israel Fund, but never used in a marketing campaign. It's a bit outdated, but still interesting.

IDF Search and Rescue: Haiti from BiG Productions on Vimeo.

Wait a minute. Are these the same radical, extremist, ultra-fundamentalist settlers that are savagely colonizing the West Bank out from under the helpless Palestinians? How is it possible that such human beings, who risked their lives crawling into collapsed buildings to rescue black people they don't know in a distant corner of the world, could also engage in brutality against Arabs in their back yard? Let those conflicting narratives simmer for a bit.

I've never seen this level of production quality in pro-Israel or pro-Yesha videos. It is refreshing to see the work BiG is churning out. I'm tired of watching Israeli hasbara promoting Israel's beaches and naked women. Do we really want the Jewish State to be engaged in pimping Jewish women? What happened to"There shall be no indecent women among the daughters of Israel"? Fine, it's an ideal - and I include indecent Jewish men, here, as well - but is the opposite of that ideal worthy of promotion as ideology, or as a counter to another ideology? Does Bar Rafaeli - who I don't think is even that attractive - single-handedly negate Palestinian territorial claims to Jerusalem? And if she doesn't, is it because she isn't sexy enough? If the Arabs bring forth a sexy Palestinian, do they win the war for "hearts and minds pants"?

Perhaps more specific to the marketing campaign itself, unless you're a teenage boy or a horny goat of a man, you'll see right through this glossy mirage for what it is - dishonest, propaganda. At some point, we have to explain our positions plainly, with confidence in the justness of our cause. We can't get away from dealing with the core issues through sex appeal.

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