Thursday, February 11, 2010

What if Israel: France banning the Muslim Veil

The hypocrisy and rank double standards of today's international environment, as it pertains to the State of Israel, have motivated me to begin a new thread on this blog, entitled "What if Israel..."

Have you been following the French plan to ban the Muslim face veil?

Consider how the BBC frames the debate over this issue:

France is recommending a partial ban because there is a fear that an outright ban would not only be impractical but would be distasteful and could make France a target for terrorism.

This is truly "through the looking glass" kind of stuff.
Those are the ONLY considerations the French are faced with?! What is "distasteful"? We know what it means, "wink, wink" - old Gallic aristocratic sensibilities about maintaining the perception of civility - but let's have the BBC and the French government stand on a podium and explain the root of this "distastefulness" before the world. What happened to human dignity, civil rights, protection of religious minorities, and so on?! The BBC editors did not even think to consider those as relevant to this issue. It is simply unthinkable to them, literally, that France, the cradle of Western liberalism, could ever be accused of infringing on civil liberties.

France is not beset by rampant terrorism, mind you, that would warrant banning the veil for security purposes. Nor is there an outcry among the French Muslim women to be liberated from the veil. This is French society imposing its will on a minority population, but not under coercion or stress, not after years of terrorist attacks, not after intense public debate about the trade-offs that must be made to balance freedom and security. No, the French are acting at leisure and with self-confidence, perhaps arrogance, their only priorities the maintenance of "French tastefulness" and limiting a response from Muslim terrorists.

This is how normal nations function; however they wish, and whoever doesn't like it can leave.

What if Israel...

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