Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What if Israel: Civilian casualties

How other nations fight wars:
A missile that struck an Afghan house killing 12 people hit its intended target, the commander of British forces in the country's south says. Officials have said three Taliban, as well as civilians [including 6 children] were in the house.
As my father would say, in Russian, "korotko i yasno" - a variant of "short and sweet", but tinged with arrogance. Independent investigation, anyone? Six children are dead. Strange that no one has yet bothered to print their names and ages, or to tell us which one wanted to be a doctor, which one was always smiling and which one slept with a teddy bear. International outrage? Universal jurisdiction? Demands for a durable ceasefire? Anyone? Hello?
Maj Gen Nick Carter said the rocket had not malfunctioned, adding that the system responsible for firing the US missile was back in use.
Of course it is. This is war.

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  1. later on there were another 5 civilian victims in another theaters - hard to find anything about - the newsticker of the German tabloid BILD had it as February 15, 19:30 - equipped with this info I could get it on Google News also - to date found no public outcry though


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