Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Theatre of the Absurd

Some of you may have heard of the Bil'in protests, staged by pro-Palestinian agitators to protest Israel's building of a security barrier partially through the village's agricultural lands. I split the protesters into two camps, exemplified best through photojournalism.

On the one hand, you've got farmers and their families, reliant on agriculture for their livelihood, rightly concerned about restrictions on their ability to work the land. Rightly, I say, because after years of legal battles, the Israeli Supreme Court agreed, and the Israeli army complied.

On the other hand, you've got clowns in Avatar costumes, looking for the one place on earth where throwing rocks at people and making a fool out of yourself is rewarded through heroic photo spreads in prominent international news outlets (Australia, UK, USA, etc.)

 Exit bag, anyone?

Update: Note the photographers, gas masks on, running around, setting up the shots, like a lingerie shoot. You can almost hear them, directing the action: "Turn to me next time you throw so I can see your face. Don't smile so much, you have to look angry. Run into the gas, it looks more dramatic."


AKUS pointed me to CIF Watch, where a commenter, Benito, had this to say:
Looking at the complete series of photos on the Telegraph website is pure comedy.
It tells the story of one man- dressed as a smurf- and his adventures with the IDF. He stands united with comrades, then goes it alone with his Palestinian flag. Mixed messages abound; why is a smurf holding a Palestinian flag?

Then the brave warrior goes on to protest the evil Israeli army and its apparatus of destruction. They want to get those smurfs and their precious organs and noone can stop them..

But this smurf has a plan. Teargas which disperses his fellow smurfs isn’t gonna get this smurf. He’s a smart one. He pulls out a plastic bag and puts it over his head. It seems to be working as he valiantly stands in a cloud of teargas which could take down all but the hardiest of smurfs.

Soon he realises he has made a terrible mistake. His bag is low on oxygen and not quite airtight enough to prevent the teargas from seeping in. The final frame show our hero in the classic death pose from all the cheesiest movies. Is our hero dead? I’m sure he hopes so, cos he looks like an utter twat.
(Disclaimer: If he is dead or seriously injured I apologise unreservedly)

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  1. Take a look at this:



    Makes gun of a frequent Guardian contributer and some of the staff

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