Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing, The Kef

I think I'm one of several hundred thousand people who, at some point in their lives, had the idea to sell a blue print, Shield of David keffiyeh. Well, someone actually did it. Surprisingly, the Arabs responded by declaring all out war on the Jews, again. We were so close to a real and lasting peace this time... so close.

The New York Times "The Lede" picks up the story. Would I wear one? Only to tick off an Arab friend. My neck feels hot and itchy just thinking about it, not to mention that I'd probably end up choking myself. If that's not a star-studded product endorsement, I don't know what is.

Get yours at
Am Yisroel Chai!


  1. inspired by a German National Geographic piece I once followed the path of the in my country most popular model of keffiyeh back through the ages and I ended up way back with John Glubb (yes theArab Legion one). Google images I could find led me to believe that that special design is the work of an inspired British uniform designer - of course the phantasy that an imperialist designed a now flagship of national identity tickles me to this day - and just as a warning the original of that colourful National Geographic centerfold of warriors on camels (Arab Legion) turned out to having been embellished/manufactured out of a part of a series of a lot less romantic dreams inspiring black and white ones by Frank Hurley.

  2. Someone just told me that "kef" means "fun" in Hebrew, so it's a play on words, being also a shortened version of "keffiyeh".

    Silke, whatever the origins of the keffiyeh, imperialist Europe can be proud of at least one Palestinian national symbol - the flag. For that matter, all Arab flags, as far as I know, are European inventions. Many of them really are not very inspired, at that.

  3. Victor
    did you know that one of them has (or had?) this Mozart Aria as his national anthem - I think it is the one which hosts Al Jazeera -


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